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About Dentex Trans-Mobility, LLC

Dentex Trans-Mobility, LLC was started to serve the senior and handicap population within the greater Jacksonville area, Duval Clay and Nassau Counties. We named our company Dentex Trans-Mobility because it captured the essence of our mission and the people we wanted to serve.

Those individuals, who are no longer able to handle their personal transportation needs will find DTM services to be just what they need when families and friends are unable to transport them. It is our desire to assist them in getting out and about, so as not to become housebound from lack of transportation.

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Our Motto is, “Don’t ask… just tell us where to take you and we will…”

Dentex Trans-Mobility, LLC offers only non-medical emergency transportation (NEMT) in Jacksonville and surrounding Counties. We are here and available to transport the Senior and Handicap passengers population to Doctor’s appointments, for dialysis, to senior care facilities, for rehabilitation, to shopping centers, worship services, salon appointments, community activities, etc. Dentex commits to safe and timely service as we serve our clientele.

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Cost of Transportation

The cost of transportation options for Senior and Handicap passengers range varies based on the travel locations, distances time of day, weekend and holidays, plus the type of service required. Though the cost is possibly more than public transportation, the convenience, personalized care, first-class quality, availability, and transportation points, make it well worth our services.

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