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Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT)

As the owner and founder of Dentex Trans-Mobility (DTM)….. due to the lack of available non-ambulatory senior transport services, coupled with the high seasonal demands, I was unable to bring my Mother home for Thanksgiving and Christmas from a local senior facility, as a result I vowed to address this painful shortfall my family experienced – hence DTM Services.

Dentex Trans-Mobility was started to serve the senior and handicap population within the greater Jacksonville area, Duval County,with plans to fully expand services to Nassau County. We named our company Dentex Trans-Mobility because it captured the essence of our mission and the people in our cities we wanted to serve.

DTM understands that finding the perfect wheelchair and stretcher accessible vehicle service can truly transform the everyday life for seniors, the handicap and caregivers of persons with disabilities.

We are here to partner with you and other Agencies to provide ‘Transportation Mobility’ to doctor’s appointments, dialysis centers, senior care facilities, rehabilitation, to shopping centers, worship services, salon appointments, community activities, trips to the park, countryside tours or just regular road trips, or just to bring them home for gatherings.

Dentex Trans-Mobility commits to safe and timely service to our clientele because ‘..we care to go’.

Our wheelchair and stretcher accessible vehicle(s) provide convenience, comfort and efficiency when transporting individuals with limited mobility. Our vehicle are configured to take two (2) wheelchairs and two (2) assistants, or a stretcher and (2) assistants, plus our driver.

Our long-distance medical transport vehicles are especially configured for comfort, especially for those ambulatory passenger who are unable to sit-up for extended periods.

As you contemplate providing DTM wheelchair and stretcher accessible vehicles services to your patients, family members or clients, wecan partner with your team to offer:

Availability: Transportation is available when needed – including weekdays, evenings holidays and weekends.

Accessibility: Our customers are able to comfortably get into and out of your vehicle without difficulty.

Acceptability: Our vehicle is always clean and we are courteous and helpful every step of the way.

Our Motto is, “Don’t ask… just tell us where to take you and we will…”

DTM – Tel: 904-861-4799  /  Email: info@dentextransmobility.com/  Website: www.dentextransmobility.com
Dennis Texx Richardson  /904-861-5095  /  dentexmobility@gmail.com

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